Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Swim Ahead

Been spending a lot of time in water. Long training swims as my friend, Rayo, and I prepare for a five-mile swim event.

Imagine a hot summer morning. It's 5 AM and Lani and I swim across Silver Lake. We both stop swimming in an instant: the lake is turned on. The fog has lifted and the lake glows with the rising sun.

Here is Lani.

The upcoming five-miler that Rayo and I will swim requires an escort boat. Thankfully my sister, Linda, not only kayaks but lives close to the event in Minneapolis; she's kindly allowed us to press her into being our race escort. (So glad!)

Closer to home Bob and Kay Simandl met us at Devil's Lake with their custom-built ocean kayaks to practice. Bob patiently paddled at our relaxed swim pace of about 38-minute miles - yep, slow. He stayed good-humored. AND navigated perfectly. For hours. This painting was a thank you present. Notice the subtle water angel about halfway down.

I'll let you know how the swim goes. 

Minnetonka Challenge, July 28, 2012, 6:30 AM, Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Five Mile Open Water Swim

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