Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Press Check

Press check yesterday. Thought you'd like to see the press operator printing new bookmarks. This video is a pretty large file (close to 40 megs) so I've included a still in case you don't wish to download such a monster file.

The press operator is checking the
color saturation.

While I hung around for the ninety minutes that it took to print this run I chatted with Jeff, a pressman who was on break. Jeff's been in the business since the days of Linotype. We marveled at the changes in the print industry over the last thirty years. 

Here are the new designs that were printed yesterday as bookmarks:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Swim Ahead

Been spending a lot of time in water. Long training swims as my friend, Rayo, and I prepare for a five-mile swim event.

Imagine a hot summer morning. It's 5 AM and Lani and I swim across Silver Lake. We both stop swimming in an instant: the lake is turned on. The fog has lifted and the lake glows with the rising sun.

Here is Lani.

The upcoming five-miler that Rayo and I will swim requires an escort boat. Thankfully my sister, Linda, not only kayaks but lives close to the event in Minneapolis; she's kindly allowed us to press her into being our race escort. (So glad!)

Closer to home Bob and Kay Simandl met us at Devil's Lake with their custom-built ocean kayaks to practice. Bob patiently paddled at our relaxed swim pace of about 38-minute miles - yep, slow. He stayed good-humored. AND navigated perfectly. For hours. This painting was a thank you present. Notice the subtle water angel about halfway down.

I'll let you know how the swim goes. 

Minnetonka Challenge, July 28, 2012, 6:30 AM, Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Five Mile Open Water Swim