Monday, October 31, 2011

A New Season of Art

I'm riding in a new direction this season with bike art.

Naw, not painting on bicycles (although that could be a blast), but painting some fantastical art featuring bikes. Here is my first little watercolor using a Trek Madone as model.

The Very Model

My husband is such a nice guy. Nothing he loves more than to help. He held up the bike while I photographed it so I could see it at an above-eye-level view. Here's the digital sketch using one of those photos. See his hands not quite erased?

Other bits of the sketch include the barn on my childhood farm, my biking buddy (in the reddish shirt), a Chagal angel (upper left), and a favorite little manga dog sketch.

Step by step.
As Easy as Falling Off a Bicycle

To be honest, I should show you my first watercolor effort of this idea. The bike and the yellow sun were competing so I painted out the big bike and let the sun shine. I've matted this to cover the left side of the painting.

So Where's the Calligraphy?

Gotta have words so here is the final version with a quotation from CJ Jung.

"But at this moment I came upon myself. Previously I had existed, too, but everything had merely happened to me. Now I happened to myself."

Yes, there are reproductions available of this art: 8.5x11 laser prints, but no cards as yet. The print is $19 plus shipping. 

More bike art to come!