Thursday, May 24, 2012

Season of the Cat

The drifters are coming. The scraggly fighters, the lost domestics, the hormonal escapees. Stray cats are nibbling the kibble as they pass through this area of abandoned barns; some fight and leave, some rub ankles and stay. 

Over the years we've adopted the cats that are willing. I think we have eight cats now -- or is it nine. 

So, this month as I worked on understanding color -- as it recedes and comes forward -- I looked to the cats. Cats are truly the best models ever.
Blue Pillow Stretch

A Cleaner Cat

Life is Good

Life is Really Good

Cat I Am


How many legs?
This is the most recent painting.

Orange Bike on Green
And just for the fun of it, a bike painting, too.

These paintings are watercolor and gouache on 300-pound cotton watercolor paper. They are about four inches square. Matted and framed to about 10 x 10 inches they are $85 each. If you would like a larger digital file for a closer look, email me or call 608.742-7795. Thanks, Lorraine.